Look At and Learn About Contemporary Canvas Art

  • The Lily Pond brings modern canvas art to the widest possible audience, with exhibitions of East Africa's top artists, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  • Come and soak up the atmosphere of this serene and special place, and gain inspiration from the contemporary canvas art from some of Africa's best artists.

  • Meet the "Artists in Residence" and see their funky wall art

  • The Open Studio houses graduates from art schools in Nairobi, who are on full-time, long-term placements at the centre, producing and displaying funky wall art and new works.
  • This Open Studio exhibition allows you to watch the creative process firsthand.
  • The Lily Pond Arts Centre operates as a springboard for young artists to launch their careers, while allowing visitors to buy original works of modern canvas art.
  • Did you know that the equator slices clean through the middle of the unique Arts Studio? This means that you can view contemporary African art in both the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere at the same time!

Art and Drama at the Lily Pond

The Lily Pond kids' art club provides opportunity for kids to make mess to their hearts' content without getting into trouble!