Wish on the World on the Equator in Nanyuki - Mount Kenya

  • View our amazing new equator sculpture - the Wish Globe, installed exactly at 0°00°00°00° (as confirmed on Google Earth).
  • The Wish Globe is a lovely concept created for families on holiday. Everyone writes down their wishes and then hangs them on the Wish Globe.

History of Art Exhibitions and Wish Trees

  • Since the 1990s, similar sculptures have been part of peace-promoting art exhibitions staged by Yoko Ono. With the Wish Globe, visitors are invited to write a wish on a gift tag, and then hang their wish on the globe at the equator.

The Coriolis Effect at the Wish Globe on the Equator in Nanyuki - Mount Kenya.

  • Did you know that objects move in different directions in the Northern and Southern hemispheres of the equator? This is known as the Coriolis Effect.
  • Come and experience the Coriolis Effect at the Lily Pond Wish Globe, which is on the equator in Nanyuki, Kenya.

Where is the Equator?.

  1. The equator is one of the five lines of latitude. It divides the Earth into the northern and southern hemispheres. It is located at 0 degrees latitude.
  2. The length of the equator is just short of 25,000 miles, or 40,000 kilometers.
  3. In his or her lifetime, an average person walks the equivalent of 5 equators - that's a long trek!
  4. The surface of the Earth at the equator is mainly ocean.
  5. The equator runs through three oceans: the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian.
  6. Countries on the equator see the crescent moon shaped like a smile.
  7. Locations along the equator, such as Nanyuki - Mount Kenya, experience the fastest rates of sunrise and sunset on the planet. The transition from day to night takes only minutes.
  8. Countries on the equator have the world's greatest concentrations of both human poverty and natural biodiversity.